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Carnegie Technologies & Longview: Ecosystem Explored

Carnegie Technologies & Longview: Ecosystem Explored

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 14, 2019

(electronic music) – The Longview Solution
has been built from the ground up as a comprehensive
IoT solution for businesses with a great amount of
research and development based on LoRa Technology from Semtech. We built sensors and gateways
and the cloud software and user experience software that’s geared to specific industries. Those include oil and
gas, construction, mining, healthcare, smart cities,
and we continue to look at ways that we can
combine sensors and data into true vertical solutions
so that they create really business outcomes
for the businesses that we’re building them for. The Longview Solution
uses LoRa Technology to create the connection
between the sensors and the gateway then
that data is taken back up to the internet. This allows us to cover a great
distance with low batteries. Now we can put in private
networks that cover very large areas and support
many different type of sensors. Our first sensor has been
an asset tracking sensor but we’re coming out later
in the year with several other sensors such as a
leak detection sensor, an air quality monitor, push button
sensors, and several others. So the value in the LoRa
Technology is twofold. First, the support from
Semtech in creating and releasing the intellectual
property and creating a community that has been
picked up by the LoRa Alliance and the 500 plus partners
in the LoRa Alliance. The second is the technology itself. It’s a great design
protocol and chip technology that allows for this LPWAN space to be met in a way that’s not met
by other technologies. We are very excited about
where the technology is today and where LoRa, Semtech,
and the Alliance are today. (electronic music)

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