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Big Wins for Nature

Big Wins for Nature

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 22, 2020

Hi, I’m Sally Jewell, and when I joined
the Board of Directors at The Nature Conservancy in 2018, I already knew that TNC was an ambitious,
mission-driven organization. And since stepping in as interim CEO I’ve
seen up-close just what that ambition really means and how TNC is innovating for nature,
with fresh conservation approaches, dynamic partnerships, and new funding mechanisms. In 2019 we achieved big wins in our four priority
areas: protecting oceans, lands and water, tackling climate change, providing food and
water sustainably, and building healthy cities. And—just as important—we’re sharing
what we’ve learned through these achievements to inform conservation efforts around the
world. In protecting oceans, land and water, our
innovative approaches helped us bring partners together to advance conservation at a vast new scale. Around the world, we helped protect more than
15 million acres of land through critical collaborations, like our work with the Mongolian
government to protect 8.6 million acres of precious intact grasslands. Or in Canada, where we supported the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation in establishing Thaidene Nëné, a 6.5 million-acre protected area that will be co-managed by First Nation, federal, and provincial governments. And in the Saychelles, our collaborative work
with partners and the government will protect an ocean area the size of Germany. A model we’re taking to 20 other countries
over the next five years. Of course, we know that protection alone will
not suffice. Unchecked, climate change poses a clear threat
to human health, global stability, and the ability of people everywhere to meet basic
human needs. We’re working hard to ensure the success
and growth of renewable energy with powerful new tools to site wind and solar projects. By targeting already-degraded lands, we can
minimize impact to habitat and wildlife. We’re focused on unlocking the full potential
of natural climate solutions – healthy forests, wetlands, and grasslands that absorb and store significant amounts of carbon. And we continue to work with government leaders
from all political backgrounds, to advance policies that address climate change at the
city, state, tribal and federal level. We also had great success working with communities
to create paths to sustainable food and water. In Micronesia, we worked with eight Pacific
island nations to incorporate state-of-the-art electronic monitoring and fisheries management tools. So by 2023, these countries – which control
half the planet’s skipjack tuna – have pledged to achieve 100% transparency in their
fisheries operations. And last year we built on the success of a
program we call water funds and launched a new fund in Cape Town, South Africa. Where downstream water users pay to protect
and restore forests and grasslands upstream that store their fresh water. We know nature can help cities address other
big challenges too; like storm water runoff, air pollution and heat. That’s why we’re working in places like
Melbourne, Australia, where we helped launch one of the world’s first urban “greenprints”—
a comprehensive tree-planting initiative designed to create wildlife habitat, improve public
health and lessen the impacts of climate change. With two out of every three people expected
to live in urban areas by 2050, it will be critical to help cities meet the needs of
growing populations while balancing biodiversity and sustainability goals. So, these are just a few of the many great
conservation successes we had in 2019. And as an organization, we have also recommitted
to living our values – and ensuring that we show integrity beyond reproach all of our
work. Because everything we do, we do as a team. So, I’d like to thank you, our many partners
and supporters who have made all of our important work possible. The time to innovate for nature has never
been more critical. I am optimistic that by working with partners,
volunteers and supporters like you, we will create a future where people and nature thrive
together. Thank you.

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