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Are We Too Late to Solve The Climate Change Crisis?

Are We Too Late to Solve The Climate Change Crisis?

By Micah Moen 0 Comment September 11, 2019

It’s one of the questions we hear most frequently
about the climate crisis: Are we too late? Have we already cooked in dangerous climate
change for our kids — and theirs? According to the experts, almost. But not quite. The calculus demands that we get our carbon
footprint down to ​zero ​​to stabilize the climate — and do it so fast that it can seem impossible. Our choices now will determine the kind
of world we’re living in by the end of the century. I’m Jack Cushman, the managing editor
of InsideClimate News, and our reporting this year
reflects an alarming outlook. It’s easy to hear defeat in the drumroll of studies and statistics. But don’t write off the optimists. Scores of climate experts signed onto a
recent article in Nature magazine that called the low-carbon revolution
“necessary, desirable and ​achievable​​.” Experts are laying out detailed pathways for what’s technically possible — and they
say that if we really try, we just may be able to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy
in the nick of time. But it means rapidly transforming the whole
global economy — almost in a blink of an eye. There’s no wiggle room. Global emissions of greenhouse gases have been climbing again. The three biggest polluting nations, China, the United States, and India are all going the wrong way. The earth’s of heat-trapping gases is
getting thicker and thicker. That’s why we’ve just lived through the
four warmest years in recorded history. Weather extremes like Hurricane Harvey
and the Lucifer heat wave are becoming more likely
because of manmade global warming. Every ton of CO2 pollution increases the risks. Even half a degree of extra warming could
wipe out almost all of the world’s coral reefs, and put billions of people’s health in danger. The U.S. government’s latest national climate
assessment says our economy will be hit hard. But here’s the good news: Forecasts show clean energy prices heading
in only one direction: down. Several states are already making one-fifth
of their electricity with wind and solar, and a few are hitting one-half. Dirty coal plants are being closed
much faster than expected. Electric vehicles are about to dethrone the
internal combustion engine. A growing list of companies have committed
to achieving zero emissions, most recently, the utility company Xcel
and the Maersk shipline. Farmers and foresters, too,
could play a promising role, pulling carbon out of the air and into healthy soil,
a win-win solution. It will take smart policies to push all this along —
and there’s no time left for climate denial, which has brought us decades
of pointless delay. That’s why young people are pushing
Congress to produce a Green New Deal. Sure, there’s still resistance to
putting a price on carbon, and the Trump administration continues
to try to roll back climate controls on cars, power plants, and fossil fuel production. Yes, if America retreats, we will be too late. But we still have time to choose.

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