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Antarctica – Wildlife – Penguins, Seals and Birds

Antarctica – Wildlife – Penguins, Seals and Birds

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 11, 2020

Penguins, Seals and Birds Penguins, exclusively seen in the Southern Hemisphere Aquatic flightless birds
highly adapted for life in the water The wings became flippers
useful for swimming and balance The dark and white colour provides camouflage Breed on the ground in large colonies in summer Interact with vocal signals There are many verities of Penguins Chinstrap Penguins Adelie Penguins Gentoo Penguins Spend halftime in the sea and half on the land Strong and short legs
big webbed feet to help swimming They walk, hop and slide Waddling gait
Feet wide, short steps, flippers to balance Claws to cling to the icy surface Penguins lay eggs in summer Stick to cleared walkways – Penguin highways They use floating pieces of ice for transport and rest They feed on krill and small fish Penguins drink seawater and
excrete extra salt through the nose Penguins do not show any fear of humans Tourists should keep a distance of 10 feet Give Penguins the right of way Weddell Seals, native to Antarctica Length up to 10 ft, Weight up to 500 kg In summer live on fast ice Bulky body with fore flippers Live up to 25 years Feed on small fish and krill Need 10-50 kg of food per day In winter live in water breathing through holes in the ice Hunted for food and oil Commercial sealing stopped after the 1950s Next: Antarctica – Wildlife – Whales

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