AccessDNR February 2020 - Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Lake Harding Association

AccessDNR February 2020 – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

AccessDNR February 2020 – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

By Micah Moen 1 Comment February 12, 2020

[Sound of geese and wind] Hello and welcome to AccessDNR, the video
newsletter from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In this episode we recycle a bit of holiday
cheer, enjoy successful winter fishing, make a big splash for charity, and more! I’m Gregg Bortz – your host for this edition
of AccessDNR! [AccessDNR Theme Music] We begin this episode at Tuckahoe State Park
where staff are bringing new life to discarded Christmas trees – by using them as a windbreak
for captive birds of prey. After the holidays, donors are encouraged
to bring their trees to park headquarters where they will be staged for later use. When enough have been collected, park staff
and members of the Maryland Conservation Corps drag them to the aviary and stand them up
along its fence line. Inside, animal ambassadors look-on as more
and more trees are added – creating a wonderfully effective, natural barrier to protect them
from winter’s chilly winds. Donations for this season are no longer being
accepted but mark your calendars for next year and don’t forget to make arrangements
with the park. Next up – The early bird may catch the worm,
but only the early cameraman catches up with a waterman. We join a commercial fisherman for a pre-dawn
run along Marshy Hope Creek to gain insight on hook-and-line targeting of large, invasive
blue catfish. As the sun comes up, chunks of fresh mud shad
are prepped and the left-overs ground into chum to better attract the day’s quarry. Soon enough, lines go tight, the circle hooks
set themselves and fish-after-fish come over the rails and into monstrous coolers – somehow
barely large enough to hold the beasts. Though winter months can be better for chasing
larger individuals, the unlimited harvest of all Blue catfish is open to both commercial
and recreational fishermen year round. Later in January we set out for Ocean City’s
Roland Powell Convention Center as it hosted the mid-Atlantic’s only commercial fishing
expo. This year marked the 46th East Coast Commercial
Fishermen’s and Aquaculture Trade Exposition – attracting attendees from Maine to Florida. Throughout the event, the department’s E-Reporting
with FACTS program staff were on-hand to promote the program, demonstrate its use and answer
questions for expo attendees. FACTS — short for Fishing Activity & Catch-Tracking
System — is a voluntary, real-time, online harvest reporting option developed in partnership
with Maryland commercial watermen and customized to meet their specific needs. For additional information on the program,
please check out the department’s website or send an email to customer service. For this month’s last recap we travel to
the wintery shores of Sandy Point State Park for a wildly-successful fundraising effort. Now in its 24th year, the famous Polar Bear
Plunge has grown to become a week-long, action-packed event. The Natural Resources Police are always on-hand
to provide event safety, rescue divers and patrol boats – and several officers also get
personally involved, joining in with their law enforcement colleagues to make a plunge
of their very own. Governor Larry Hogan also lent a hand – offering
the crowd a heart-warming, inspirational memory of a special olympics athlete who’d made
a big impact upon him. Moments later, the countdown came and it was
time to run down the beach and into the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay. With great sacrifice comes great reward, this
year’s Police Plunge raised more than Two Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand dollars for
Maryland Special Olympics. Our sincere gratitude to all of our participating
officers and indeed to everyone who contributes to this wonderful event. Well that’s a wrap for this month. For the latest news and programs, please follow
us on social media, subscribe to our magazine, newsletters, and youtube channel and download
our free mobile app. Please, give us a like, leave us a comment
and don’t forget to share our videos with family and friends. I’m Gregg Bortz, thanks for joining us – we’ll
see you next month on AccessDNR!

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