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Abraham Hicks 2019 — How To Create A Better Work Environment (NEW)

Abraham Hicks 2019 — How To Create A Better Work Environment (NEW)

By Micah Moen 2 Comments October 7, 2019

And are you refreshed?
(audience replies) Yes Good, now what? Now what?
Whoo, this is exciting. My life, for the most part, is rather good.
Yeah, it’s supposed to be. Yeah. I feel like, at times, my life resembles
the menu from the cheesecake factory. In that there are so many wonderful options,
that I sometimes feel paralyzed with indecision about…
Well, that’ll go away once you start approaching it in the way that we’ve been talking about.
Because the priorities are already established, so that when you get into that receptive mode.
If you’re trying to plan it from your conscious mind, it would feel that way because there
are so many possibilities. But the priorities are well established, and
the Source within you knows the path of least resistance for the highest reward that you
could ever experienced and so when you start doing inspired work rather than motivated
work that will take care of all of that. I feel inspired to do many things. I feel
like a lot of times I have my hand in many different pots at the same time. That I never
know what it is that I really want to do. Or dare I say supposed to do. You’re offering this observation, from a
place of less than the clarity that you are about to accomplish. Later you’ll say, well before I knew what
I now know, I felt that way. But now I feel a different way.
And so if you can trust that.. Did it feel logical to you when you said that your inner
being is aware of what you’ve been asking for?
You see here’s the thing, as you move through life, you have a lot of… sort of repetition.
Different faces, different places, but the same sort of conclusions keep happening.
And so you make strong statements of desire and when you make a strong statement of desire
over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
over and over and over and over and over and this can take awhile again.
Your inner being understands the priority of it and then as things begin dovetailing
together so many things that you are asking for you think that you’re asking for a better
paying job, when what you’re asking for is a greater sense of freedom.
You think you’re asking for a desk with a corner window, when what you’re really asking
for is a greater sense of freedom. You think you’re asking for a different
job because you want more upward mobility, when what you’re really asking for is a greater
sense of freedom. And so, these things that you think that are
lots of different items on the menu all boil down to you wanting to be self-actualized
and have the freedom to do whatever you want. And so once you make that request a few hundred
thousand times into your vortex there’s a really powerful understanding there. We want
you to hear this in the precise way that we mean it.
You’re Inner Being… do you accept there is one?
Yes. Your Inner Being knows exactly where you are
vibrationally in relationship to everything you want and knows the path of least resistance
to guide you to it. So, what is the path of least resistance?
Your Inner Being knows what you want and what your hang ups are that are keeping you from
it. Say it again.
Your Inner Being knows what you want and what you’re tripping over.
Your Inner Being knows what you want and what’s the best way, not necessarily the fastest
way. The most satisfying way to help you to get to what you are wanting.
And so if you are following your bliss more, then you are having more fun along the way,
and those things are being answered. And so if we went down your list, and we’re
not going to take the time to do it. You can get it from the analogy that were
offering. So many of those things on that menu are all
leading toward the same thing. Want to tell us… top 10? First 10? Any 10?
Pick 10? Of the things that I’m doing?
On the “Cheesecake Factory” menu, that are options for you. In other words, we understand
the premise of your opening. So, throw out to us some of those choices that you feel
are causing confusion. So, umm… I am an actor, but I’m also a teacher—
It’s alright.. It’s really not… One at a time and we’re going to come right back
at ya. So, I am an actor. I am one who understands
the power of the universe and I so want to influence others to their own power.
And I am one who understands the power of the universe and I so want to influence others
towards their own understanding. I want to create a podcast, I want to write
a book. I’m an author… I’m you know… They’re.. it’s all the same thing. (laughs)
Yeah. Everything on your list is that. And so what’s
tripping you up is you’re saying, in other words, it’s easy for you to accept the why,
of why you want to do all of those things. But you’re trying to figure out how and where
and when and who. And that’s what’s tripping you up. But, if you hear what we’re saying,
your Inner Being knows all of that, and knows what your path of least resistance is to get
you to where you want to be. So now we have another question for you. If
the joy is in the journey, and it really is. In other words. Blah blah blah… You’ve
heard that so many times. It’s the process that is so rich and rewarding
and delicious and all of that. So, imagine any journey that you’re taking. Any journey.
Is your goal, once you’ve decided to take a really pleasurable journey, is you goal
to take the shortest route? What’s the route? The most pleasurable route.
So what could we say to you all, to help you to feel from us. To know for yourself that
the best feeling route is the path of least resistance.
You all are kind of in a hurry about everything. You want to get to where you want to be, because
you don’t really wanna be where you are, a lot of time. And you don’t give very much
awareness to the delicious journey that you might have on the way to the new place and
in fact the only reason you want to go to the new place is so that you can have the
journey. But you all in practical terms say, “That’s not true. That just is not true.
That is not true. I-95 is not pleasing to me.”
Next? Umm..
We only got three, what are the other seven? Three… Three probably is about it, right
there, right at the moment. So it’s really not nearly as long as I thought
it was. Yeah… You’re just making stuff up. You’re
just.. You’re just making stuff up to prove a point that hurts you when you make it.
“There’s too much to choose from!” No, there isn’t. No there isn’t.
“I don’t know which way to go.” Yes you do.
(laughter) I think the reason that I’m feeling some
of this now, at this moment in time is that, while I have been fortunate enough to have
the same job. The same acting job for, uh, the last three years–
Yeah.. I know, coming up in the next three months
that I am leaving that job. So I am trying to approach it in a sense of,
“All right, let’s enjoy the journey.” So let’s talk about this flawed premise.
It feels to you all in your physical form.. You’re moving from this job to this job
to this job to this job. When what’s really happening is, this job created a whole bunch
of stuff and this one created a whole bunch of stuff, and all of that stuff is available
to you and that’s what you’re moving toward unless you think you’re moving from this
job to this job is job this job. So, what do you think in the current acting
job, what are the best parts of it? Oh.. I…
Nevermind, what are the worst parts of it. (Laughter)
Umm.. What’s the best part of it?
It’s steady, and therefore… Something that you can count on financially?
Yes, and it’s something… It’s a show that I enjoy doing. It’s something that
I enjoy. But why?
Umm.. Because it has wonderful music and people love it, and it uplifts people and it.. it
makes people happy. Why would you want to go anywhere else ever?
Sounds like everything is in your vortex. There are a few people there who make my backstage
life quite unpleasurable. When you know what you don’t want, focus on
those for a moment. What are you putting in your vortex over and
over again because of your wonderful collaboration with those rascals?
What do you put into your vortex as a result of your co-creating with them?
More freedom.. People who.. People who I enjoy working with.
People who behave themselves so when I look at them I don’t have to do any work, I can
just like them because they’re likeable? No.
Yeah.. That’s what you meant. That’s what I meant, but that’s.. That’s
not right. So what do you think that you put into your
vortex? Do you think you put likeable people that are just easy to like in there? Or do
you think you put a clear determination that you’re going to focus and isolate a vibration
that lets you see the best in them? Are you someone who needs people to be different
so that you can feel good or are you the attractor of the best of them?
You see, we know. You’re going to attract a whole different set of people. That’s
the path of least resistance, it’s so much easier when you’re with someone who isn’t
nice or who isn’t whatever you want them to be. And so, you launch these rockets of the
desire. It’s a much faster path and sometimes even
the most satisfying path, just for new people that are already like that, to come to you.
Rather than teach them how to be different. But nothing that we’re talking about in
these hours that we’ve been together is about anybody changing in order to satisfy what
you want. We’re talking about your point of attraction and so you can’t get there from
there. If you don’t like something about where you are and you want to go someplace else,
there’ll be people just like them over there. It’s just the way that the law of attraction
works. So what do you feel like you put in to your vortex as result of working with them?
Give us a little more of the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to be with them on a daily
basis. Hehehe. (Crowd laughs anticipatingly)
Umm… Do they need you to be different so that they
can feel better? No..
Well they’re a little ahead of you then. Yeah.
(Laughter) To be completely honest, I think what.. I
think what it reflects.. What it’s.. Think what i’m not enjoying is that it’s reflecting
back to me the fact that I am needing them to change in order for me to feel better.
As opposed to… So.. Maybe, on this journey, you might enjoy
the self discovery of getting out ahead of it instead of just repeating day after day,
the same thing. Getting out ahead of it and then discovering something that you didn’t
expect to discover and feeling the surprise and delight of that.
That’s what your Inner Being knows as your path of least resistance. Your Inner Being
knows for sure that you did not come to live and teach conditional love.
Your Inner Being knows for sure that you didn’t come to say spend your time and get it all
figured out and then find this little herd of people and run around with them. If you
find the right herd then it’ll be fun when you run around together.
What your inner being knows that you come for is to find your connection. To know what
you want, know what you don’t want, then find your connection with who you are, and then
watch it become right before your eyes. How lovely is it to co-create with someone,
and at the same time that they’re discovering who they are you’re discovering who you
are? Isn’t that co-creating at its best? You
really do want conditions to change and we get that.
We understand why you’d want that and there’s a little thing that we like to say to you
that could feel like a paradox to you when we say, “If you care about how you feel
and you isolate what feeling good is and you do that a lot of the time, then things will
change. And as they change you’ll like the change and your appreciation of the change
will perpetuated more. So there is this perpetuation thing that happens but you can’t need it to
change before you feel good. You have to feel good and then it will change. And it feels
like a subtle distinction. And it can be a quick trap for you too. “Oh,
I did my segment intending and I did my meditating, and that guy got way nicer.”
Well, don’t expect him to stay nice, so you gotta keep doing your work. You can’t go
back to your old ways of just taking what comes. You’ve gotta stay in the driver seat.
You’ve gotta be the one that leads your weight. You already led it, you already asked,
you already told your Inner Being what you want. And it’s complicated, it’s way more
complicated than cheesecake factory menu. Oh, the moving parts and all of the aspects
in the depths of who you are and all the nuances of your understanding of who you are. Of your
personal life and the lives of those you know. And the people that you love up close, and
the people that are sort of not so up close. And the people that are out in the world that
sometimes you know of them and don’t like them, and sometimes you know of them and revere
them. And then there’s everything else that’s in the universe like everyone who’s ever lived.
Everyone who’s ever lived who is now non-physically focused, and focused here with all of you.
The energies are dynamic and exhilarating, and the potential is intoxicating, you see.
And so when we talk to you about you wanting a better work environment, it’s way bigger
than just wanting somebody behave differently in your work environment. It’s that, you
being part of a world that doesn’t need to change and you discovering your vibrational
alignment with who you are and then feeling your willpower and discovering what the real
power of influence is, and then watching everything just modify itself around you, not because
you needed it to change, but because as a creator, it must change.
If you are a creator, and you are tapping into the energy that creates worlds. Things
around you are going to change, you see. But if you need them to change before you
do the thing that you would do that would… You get the point we’re making over and
over and over again. So, did we get there? Or is there something more that’s stuck
in your vibrational craw? That’s it..
You got it… You really did. You really did. You’re doing really well.
Yeah. Now what? Right here… Stand if you think it’s you.
Stand up… No, no, no. Yes.. Right there. Right there.

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