A Tradition of Eco friendly Mumbai Ganesha || Oraskar Ganesha Workshop - Lake Harding Association

A Tradition of Eco friendly Mumbai Ganesha || Oraskar Ganesha Workshop

A Tradition of Eco friendly Mumbai Ganesha || Oraskar Ganesha Workshop

By Micah Moen 0 Comment September 2, 2019

My Name is Shrinivas Dharmaji Oraskar it’s been 30-40 years My Qualification is into GD Art AM Fine Art and…. actually i am fine artist not moulder basically i do paitning….portrait painting..landscape painting many people demands for organic clay ganesha,so i am focusing on it it is combination of occupation and… art as well. i do enjoy it a lot. and we use pure clay only no artificial clay whole procedure takes around 3 month actually this is not our own place..we have to pay rent for it then we can start process it takes 3 whole months we pay rent and then begin our wok and at the end we give it to our customers. We specialise in creating beautiful eyes of ganesha I personally paint it, Customers really liked it As i am an artist…. i do shade lights and other process Customers praise it and we also liked it. My Name is Mandar Parab. It’s been around 2 years i am working here in ORASKAR WORKSHOP, painting and clay work we do, Most important thing that we use only Natural clay for modelling We don’t use artificial clays and all idols we make it in traditional way From 6 inch to 2-3 feet models we make I am specialize in painting..spray painting which i do. and all workers here are from SINDHUDURG district of Maharashtra it is my native place whole year we live in native place but for Ganesha festival season we come to Mumbai for work I am Madhura Oraskar. and Mr. Shrinivas Oraskar is my Uncle whose workshop it is. previously Mr. Vaingankar Used to own this workshop they used to make traditional idols from 70-80 years, after them Mr.Shrinivas (Neice of Mr. Vaingankar) is carrying this tradition of idols. From that time we are working here.. I am specialize in diamond work of idols here sometimes i do basic work like colouring also.. We are four females especially work for jewellery stones of idols and totally we are around 15 people work here. and we still follow traditional ganesha making process especially from Natural Clay.

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