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7 common hand washing mistakes to avoid | Dr. Arpitha Komanapalli

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 20, 2020

hello I’m dr.arpitha Komanapalli and i’m
glad you’re watching this video in this video i’ll be talking about the 7
mistakes that are made when it comes to washing your hands washing your hands
frequently is one of the easiest ways to wipe out germs and reduce your chances
of becoming sick by them germs are everywhere they’re in your home in your
kitchen sink and on your countertops in your laundry in your shower at your
office even your handbag commonly contains thousands of bacteria such as
salmonella E coli staph bacteria and more
you simply can’t escape them but this is nothing to be worried of it has been
shown time and time again that washing your hands with soap and water can kill
viruses that cause common cold hepatitis A acute gastroenteritis and other
illnesses the effectiveness of your hand-washing depends on whether you use
soap what type of soap you use the temperature of your water
how long you scrub your hands how vigorously you cup your hands and how
you dry your hands here are the seven mistakes that are
made when it comes to washing your hands using bar soap pathogenic organisms may
hide out on what soap during and after use bacteria live quite happily in the
slime of bar soap but doing a few simple things will make it so the jumps are off
no harm to you rinse off the bar in running water before lathering up to
wash away the germ is soap and always store soap out of water allowing it to
dry between uses that way there is no moist environment
for jumps to flock to it in the first place if you are washing for long enough
the jumps originally sitting on the bar will mostly like to wash off too
despite this the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC recommends
sticking with liquid soap just to be safe using a refill dispenser research
has found that soap dispensers refund from a large bottle of liquid soap in
public restrooms caused an increase in bacteria levels in hand washers on the
other hand not all refillable disperses are problematic soap dispensers replaced
with a sealed refill decreased bacteria in the same study you may want to travel
with your own little bottle of castle soap since antibacterial ingredients are
common in public places choosing the hand drier when comparing
paper towel or the hand drier for cleanliness paper towels are the best in
study found that using paper towels decreased bacteria while warm air dryers
increased bacteria warm air dryers increased bacteria on your finger pads
and on the pumps drying with jet air dryer also increased bacteria on palms
and finger pads drying with paper towel reduce the bacteria on the palms and
finger pads by up to 77 percent on average standard warm air dryer are
actually more harmful to the environment than 100% recycled paper towels and
cotton roll towels to reduce environmental impact when using paper
towels reach for one towel every time you wash your hands in a public restroom
Joe Smith explains how to do this in TED talk how to use one paper towel in
simple steps he puts that shake off your hands 12 times fold your paper towel in
half before drying and that’s all you are done rushing it on average people
wash their hands for six seconds however the CDC recommends washing your hands
for at least 20 seconds if you need a wait to time it sing the Happy Birthday
song from beginning to end twice while it may seem childish to hum a song to
yourself it works and it’s accurate improper lathering skills when it’s
important to take time to lather it is also important to lather correctly these
20 seconds don’t spend just squishing soap bubbles around your hands you
should really be scrubbing it the friction created by your hands rubbing
together helps lift the dirt and microbes from your skin don’t miss to
hard-to-reach places like in between your fingers on the back of your hands
and underneath your nails skipping to hand sanitizer
choosing hand sanitizer should be a last resort if you don’t have access to
running water and so hand sanitizers can kill jumps but alcohol-based sanitizers
must contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to be considered efficient alcohol free
hand sanitizers effectiveness depends on each unique formulation while purchasing
hand sanitizer be careful with hands idols cons containing synthetic sense
you can find hand sanitizers fragments with essential oils at any health food
stores using antibacterial soap according to the Food and Drug
Administration there isn’t sufficient evidence to conclude that antibacterial
soaps are better at preventing illnesses than washing with plain soap and water
still many families reach for these soaps these products are no more
effective than regular soap was yet the use of these antibacterial products over
a long period of time is linked to negative effects the FDA has taken some
action against ingredients in antibiotic soaps
in September 2016 8 bann triclosan and 18 other antibacterial ingredients
antibacterial chemicals including benzalkonium chloride benzalkonium
chloride and chlorides in all are still allowed in soaps I hope this has been
helpful to you and hope you will start washing your hands the right way here is
a scripture to meditate on he gives strength to the weary and increases the
power of weak isaiah 40 29 as always thank you so much for watching this
video if this video has been helpful please consider sharing with your family
and friends if you have any questions or queries let me know in the comments
below I’ll see you again in my next video

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