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5 Ways You Can Get Rid of Bloating And Heal Your Gut

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 18, 2020

Hey there viewers having a healthy gut is a blessing Unfortunately not all of us have a rock-solid digestive system If you’re like me and suffer from bloating this videos for you you no longer need to suffer from painful Abdominal cramps learn these five easy ways to reset your digestive system We’ll drinking peppermint ginger tea help is collagen beneficial for your stomach. We’re talking all that and more. Let’s begin number one load up on pre and probiotics Fun fact there are tiny microorganisms living in our digestive system They help the gut function for a healthy digestive system. You need a good intestinal flora Probiotics contain living organisms that help digest food produce vitamins and fight against disease-causing microbes and bacteria Experts have found probiotics to be helpful in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis diarrhea and infections of the digestive tract You can load up on probiotics through supplements yogurt and fermented foods Prebiotics are the nutrients degraded by your gut microbes if probiotics are a vehicle Prebiotics are its fuel they help promote the growth of good bacteria in our guts and healthy bowel movements Prebiotics are the natural soluble fibers good bacteria feed on when healthy gut flora feeds on prebiotics they produce beneficial short chain fatty acids these slow down the growth of harmful microbes in our digestive system a Study found that when people suffering from Crohn’s disease were given 15 grams of prebiotics every day for three weeks There was an improvement in symptoms time to make green leafy veggies apples leeks and flax seeds your friends number 2 collagen to the rescue Our blood vessels digestive system tendons skin and muscles are all made of collagen It’s a specific type of protein that provides structure making up one third of our body Collagen contains glutamine and glycine amino acids that help promote digestion and a healthy gut Studies have found that collagen can be helpful in regulating the secretion of gastric juices Experts believe glycine in collagen can inhibit gastric secretion and protect the gastric mucous membrane against ulcers Being a hydrophilic molecule collagen attracts water and acidic molecules thus helping in better digestion ingested collagen from foods and supplements Assists in the breaking down of carbohydrates and protein Research has found collagen can also help with the healing and repair of the stomach lining Collagen synthesis helps heal. The intestines lining as well Another amino acid called glutamine helps prevent the inflammation of the guts This is also found in collagen So this might be the perfect excuse to load up on bone broth and collagen rich soup Now before we move ahead, here’s a video We know you might like this collagen have other benefits besides helping the digestive system find out by giving it a click number 3 low FODMAPs What you eat has a major effect on your digestive system. If you could avoid eating foods that cause bloating wouldn’t that be great? Science makes this possible for us with the help of a low fodmap diet FODMAPs our carbs found in foods like wheat digestive systems like bloating abdominal pain cramps and indigestion have strong links to FODMAPs short-chain fermentable oligosaccharides disaccharides and monosaccharides our polyols Collectively known as FODMAPs are resistant to digestion They do not get absorbed into the bloodstream instead They reach the farther end of the intestines The gut bacteria at the end of the intestines digest these carbs and produce hydrogen gas It’s this hydrogen gas that gives us bloating issues and stomach pain Sometimes FODMAPs draws water into the intestine causing diarrhea Studies show that sensitivity to FODMAPs is consistent among people with irritable bowel syndrome common FODMAPs include fructose fruit tans polyols lactose and galactus experts suggest eating eggs fish fats nuts and fruits on a low fodmap diet Most herbs and spices fall under the low FODMAPs category. You can also add veggies like carrots cucumber spinach radish and many others number four go green you can beat bloating with a glass of green smoothie green vegetables have Phytonutrients giving them alkalizing properties that detox your body naturally helping it cleanse and heal chlorophyll present in green vegetables acts like a natural deodorizer Bad breath and body odor the two most common signs of unhealthy digestion can be neutralized by chlorophyll Sometimes even eating too many raw vegetables can give you bloating if that’s the case cook them Keep in mind cooking does kill some of the nutrients if you want to get a little crazy consume your veggies in the form of a liquid smoothie two of the best ways to prevent bloating are staying hydrated and eating veggies a Glass of green smoothie is an efficient way to avoid it One important point to remember while making a green smoothie is that it’s very easy to overload on sugar This is due to the natural sugar found in veggies and fruits a good green Smoothie shouldn’t be too sweet and must contain high-fiber veggies for the liquid base. You can choose water or low FODMAPs alternative to dairy milk this includes moderate levels of almond milk hemp milk oat milk and coconut milk for green veggies that aren’t high on FODMAPs You can choose Swiss chard kale Baby spinach cabbage and bok choi if you’re new to green smoothies start with baby spinach They’re pretty mild and taste now you have your very own healthy green smoothie to fight off bloating number 5 It’s tea time Turns out there are teas that are good for your digestion and can help prevent issues like bloating and indigestion Let’s discuss them one by one Peppermint tea not only tastes great. It can be really helpful for your digestive system as well It contains a compound called menthol studies have shown it’s good for your digestive system Next is ginger tea researches proven ginger contains compounds called show gales and ginger allz that help with cramping bloating nausea indigestion and gas Gentian root is known for its appetite stimulating properties The IRA tides increase the production of acids and digestive enzymes this helps your system digest food better Fennel tea isn’t just a wonderful refreshing drink. It offers great benefits to your digestive system It provides relief from constipation Promotes bowel movements and prevent stomach ulcers as well as bad breath Angelica the celery like flowering plant is great for tea consumption just boil its roots in water and turn it into a delicious cup Angelica tea contains Polysaccharides that increase the number of healthy cells in the stomach it prevents damage to the intestines Stimulates the secretion of intestinal acids and helps relieve constipation Marshmallow root tea Senna tea black tea and Dandelion tea can be helpful in relieving bloating and addressing tummy troubles. Do you suffer from bloating often? Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you You enjoyed this video hit like share and subscribe to besties Wait, what kind of Bessie would we be if we didn’t tell you about our other videos go ahead choose the left or right video? and enjoy

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