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2 Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Invention Ideas

2 Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Invention Ideas

By Micah Moen 1 Comment August 14, 2019

Ever wondered, how our actions impact the environment? Would you like to make a difference? It is estimated that in the
U.S alone, Americans throw away 100 billion coffee cups a year, this is
something we can change. Even you. Hi, I’m Daniel, Hi, I’m Felipe, and we’re from EcoSouLife: a family business with a vision to create
products that eliminate damaging effects plastics have on our nature and its
ecosystem. We are an award-winning Australian brand that aims to inspire an
ever growing environmentally conscious global network. We are dedicated to
changing consumer habits by offering Eco- Friendly, Biodegradable, Disposable and
Reusable products. Introducing the Bamboo 12 Ounce Bio-
Sip Cup, a reusable coffee cup made from 100% renewable plant base material; our
coffee cup contains zero plastics, zero melamine, and zero oil based
ingredients; this cup is designed for the eco-conscious hot beverage drinkers.
When enjoying using durable products that we turn back to nature, without harming the
environment; our 12 ounce Bio-Sip Coffee Cup is stylish, contemporary, and
made from one of the most sustainable raw materials available in nature; EcoSouLife bamboo is made from 100% renewable plant based materials,
such as bamboo fiber and starch. Unlike other disposable coffee cups that
are made of recycled paper, but contain polyethylene, which take hundreds of
years to break down and are harmful to the environment or the styrofoam, which never decompose, our coffee cups are made from biodegradable materials, which will fully
break down in landfill within three years. Our mission is to encourage the
use of sustainable coffee cups, as well as protect the environment; we live in a
coffee driven society, the demand for coffee is ever-growing
and the trend is unlikely to change. Unlike other companies, which sell reusable but still non-biodegradable cups, EcoSouLife coffee cups are made
from organic materials, as an environmental conscious company, we
care about our products and the safety for our customers and the environment. So
what now? Our current coffee cups are selling well;
however, we would like to release a new and improved coffee cup line, taking
our current design another step forward; based on customer feedback, we have
improved our particular design and functionality aspect of the product, which are now ready to launch. With your help, we can finalize, improve, and
develop new tooling for our new and exciting line of coffee cups and lids. We’re
asking for your support to fund our next large batch run, once that’s done, our
production is ready to go. Be amongst the first to start
environmental coffee revolution. We are counting on your support, so please, pick
up one or more of the pledges for you and your family and friends, to help us keep
our environment safe, help us minimize the human impact on our beautiful planet,
the world is a great place to live in and definitely worth fighting for.

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