😍TWIN TELEPATHY (NATURAL HAIR) BRAID/TWIST OUT Amiya Akiya - Lake Harding Association



By Micah Moen 0 Comment January 19, 2020

Okay, ready one two three and we are going to take a little break so I just I gotta look at the mirror I’m gonna do it’s a Maya it’s a kaya and welcome to I know We’re going to be doing a politically challenging work before we get started make sure you Notify and if you are new to our channel where eternal twins, okay, so this background is gonna be a twigs are bright. I Think that she did the same thing as me okay ready one, two three – so this next round is if you did a web break or a driver Yeah, okay. Yeah, so as you can see you see I Don’t think she would do a wet Bertha There’s a lot of stuff in your hair like her to put water Jones stuff like that. Never you getting me sick Get ready. One two, they’re dry. I got two Three. So this route is to see if we can estimate how many braids we got Okay, okay Rock paper scissor Rock for this issue rock berries issue. Oh Okay. Okay. I think she got like around 45 huh? I had like 37 so let’s see ready. One, two three 45324 Okay, so now we’re gonna see what do rag we wore so it either you are a wig cap or you ready Paper says she welcomes issues. What did you fix it? Yeah So well, I’m gonna go it is I’m gonna go at this one cuz I usually I usually wear this one all night I don’t think she wins this one. But anyways, this is the one I’m going with ready say Yeah this round and so we have either these earrings like this or just the regular circle your Deposition yeah okay, I get to go with these I think I Think these are plain so I don’t think she will go with these but I like these two these are cute You should wear the cute. I’m wear these ready one, two, three. Yes I love this smile smile smile. Okay. So we either have this lip lock. This is a cool one It says the lip duo and then this is just the regular mint lipstick Position Okay, so obviously you know, which one I didn’t you Oh you this one so, I believe it if you out this way because you always have this one at school. Okay ready? One two, yeah But this round we have edged brushes so we have a toothbrush or just a regular edged brush Monza’s cut off with this fine proposition flap deposition rock composition Yeah Okay. Okay, I would like this one so This is to stop as you can see because she likes hard brushes for some reason. I don’t know why I love Harper I don’t even know why though so cuz this is hard. I think she will go with this edge brush ready set Yes, so we have this Go to edge booster this go to right here in this edge booster right here, and we’re gonna see Which one? Do this ready Freddy about position rock paper scissor shoot Yeah, okay, so go at this one. This is my favorite time an edge. Yeah ever. Oh my gosh It’s a good hold to so I’m going with this one that one two three, yeah So now we have these clips. It says boss and it says girls Position ah Okay, so I know this isn’t someone else’ I don’t even know it’s what she’s gonna pee because Bo buddies are like so cute I feel like since like this is kind of like we always will summer I thought I should try to go with gold because gold does a cute so I mean But I mean what looks good, too I’m gonna go. No, I’m go girls apparently Yeah Yeah, we are going to take a little break now and do the braid out and then Put all the stuff on that we picked and then we’re gonna see the finishing stuff. So listen, um, take take our You can event side that right side top-down Fix it up real quick cuz it looks a mess and yeah, we got we’re gonna put all of our stuff on Fix it fix it up a little bit Okay, I’m just gonna separate it in there Alright so now what are we doing? So now we’re gonna put it on our own clip, you know, we should put on their earrings how you got earrings first Pick these earrings. So we’re gonna put them on you These are so cute they are I love these I don’t know what the sign There we go do Co the Asian Okay I love this one because it gives like a mint um I’m me and what I got man filling Before, you know, come on we don’t know Okay, so funny lipstick no glued to our edges Look close first notice why no liver still of move it out the way so I’m I want to see the mirrors, huh. Mess this up y’all You all so big Okay, excellent did it pretty good Let me fix it Now we’re on to our edges left so for I just I gotta look at the mirror I really do so, why do is I take a tip? Okay So I just got a little bit dizzy just a little bit does not let me be that much it’s all mine I’m gonna do it right here cuz I’m singing Oh My gosh I just said look don’t brush it cuz I’m just using my baby here and it doesn’t really need to be yet Scoob He’s just nail it. I slick see slick Slick so that’s it for what? Oh Okay, I’m gonna leave in real quick show you guys what we’re dealing with. We got ya so cute, and it’s not your style So we have the image The lip gloss and the little unclip, you know our edges Thank you for watching these love you guys mwah So god, it’s taken so long. So we just fuckin echoing everyone Stop recording murder now I’m recording now I’m not recording quarters, so I didn’t fucking my head did You know I’m gonna go with obviously Okay, I pick choose okay, I think I’m gonna know it These I don’t live I feel I did with these all right ready what – oh Okay, so that was

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