【FLE A2】 Comment se propagent les microbes ? - Lake Harding Association

【FLE A2】 Comment se propagent les microbes ?

【FLE A2】 Comment se propagent les microbes ?

By Micah Moen 4 Comments March 25, 2020

Hi, everyone! Today we’re going to see how Atishoo! spread germs. When you sneeze into your hands, thousands of germs cling to your skin. Even if you wipe your hands right afterwards, there are still enough left to infect other people. When you are someone’s hand, when you touch a doorknob, when you touch the edge of a chair, when you touch food, and so on. you pass on those germs. Even if you are not sick, you may have come into contact with these germs by shaking someone’s hand or touching an infected object. If you touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth, if you eat something without washing your hands, if you have a wound, you may be infected. So it’s best to sneeze into your elbow Atishoo! and it is necessary to wash your hands regularly and carefully! Otherwise, there are still some left. Finally, in times of an epidemic, the best way not to get sick and not to transmit disease is to stay home as much as possible or to wear a mask when you go out. Because, let’s not forget it! We can carry germs without knowing it! See you soon! Atishoo!

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Enseignement du FLE

Visionnez la vidéo et répondez aux questions :

1. Le thème de la vidéo est…
□ l’éducation.
□ la santé.
□ le sport.
□ la culture.

2. On transmet des germes quand on…
□ reste à la maison.
□ porte des gants.
□ touche des objets.
□ se lave les mains.

3. Pour ne pas être infecté(e), il faut éviter de…
□ se gratter les yeux.
□ manger des oranges.
□ prendre des douches.
□ jouer avec des paillettes.

4. En période d’épidémie, il vaut mieux…
□ se laver les mains ou sortir prendre l’air.
□ porter un masque ou rester à la maison.
□ se serrer la main ou manger entre ami(e)s.
□ éternuer dans les mains ou dans le coude.



à vos souhaits!


Muyuan NIU

Bonne idée pour l'illustration


Mia Gilchrist



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