الحلقة 198 #خطاب مترجم لجوستن ترودو لخطة مساعدة الكنديين العالقين للعودة إلى كندا - Lake Harding Association

الحلقة 198 #خطاب مترجم لجوستن ترودو لخطة مساعدة الكنديين العالقين للعودة إلى كندا

الحلقة 198 #خطاب مترجم لجوستن ترودو لخطة مساعدة الكنديين العالقين للعودة إلى كندا

By Micah Moen 1 Comment March 23, 2020

good morning everyone
Bonjour full moon I want to begin by recognizing that even though it’s
Saturday there are people across the country who are on the job whether your
hospital staff or a first responder a bus driver excuse me whether your hospital staff or a first
responder a bus driver truck driver or freight
train operator I know you’re working harder than ever right now so thank you
you’re making a real difference for people who need you I want you to know
that we see that and we’re standing behind you whatever our government can
do to support you to keep you safe to protect our economy we’re doing
everything we can to make it happen now that includes for northern communities
we’re working with partners to reduce travel to northern communities to help
protect them from the virus today the Northwest Territories will
issue an order to limit non-essential travel into the territory we support
this important step at the same time we’re focused on ensuring essential
goods get to people in these communities we will continue to work with partners
and stakeholders on travel to the north this past week we also announced new
measures to put more money in people’s pockets to get through this uncertain
time this means everything from boosting the Canada child benefit to increasing
the GST credit to giving people a break from paying back their student loans
we’ve unveiled a plan to mobilize industry to produce things like masks
and ventilators and to accelerate vital research 25 million dollars will go to
teams across the country working on measures to detect manage and reduce the
spread of kovat 19 for Canadians who are overseas we’re sending them texts with
important information we’ve announced new funding to help people borrow up to
five thousand dollars to return to Canada or to cover their needs while
waiting to come home and public servants are working around the clock to help
people who are stranded on that last front we’ve continued to make progress
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yell total moon-faced apple today I can
announce that we’re working with Canadian airlines to make commercial
flights available for as many Canadians who are stranded as possible we will
also be working with other country to ensure that our airlines have the
permissions and other supports necessary to fly the first flight is leaving
Morocco this weekend and is being operated by Air Canada we’re currently
working with other airlines on similar arrangements and there will be more
flights from other locations in the coming days this potentially includes
Peru and Spain other countries will be announced as soon as possible as we make
these decisions factors like the number of Canadians their airspace closures and
the local situation are being taken into account now we won’t be able to reach
everyone but we’re going to do our best to help those we can to make sure we can
get information to people as quickly as possible all Canadians overseas should
register with global affairs Canada if they’ve not already done so you can do
this by going online to travel GC CA the same public health policies will apply
to these flights as to anyone else who’s coming into the country everyone on
these flights has to isolate for 14 days once they’re back I also want to remind
everyone that if you’re showing symptoms of kovat 19 you won’t be able to board
this is about keeping all Canadians safe so we need everyone to do their part on
that note I want to recognize the airlines that are working with us to get
travelers home and families reunited and especially want to thank the staff from
pilots to air crews for the professionalism and dedication during a
very difficult time for the industry when people are worried about their jobs
and futures they’re still stepping up to help this has been a tough week for a
lot of Canadians people are concerned about their health and the economy and
today on the International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination
let’s not forget that people are worried about how fear can fuel racism – so
let’s be kind to each other and let’s stand up against discrimination wherever
you see it in the days and weeks ahead as we continue to feel the impacts of
this virus it will be more important than
to fight against fear misinformation and stigma we must continue to pull together
because in times of need our strength is defined by how we care for each other as
neighbors as communities and as a country Mempa no offense Amon and whatõs
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Thomas from CTV national news I thought today that the Foreign Affairs Minister
has spoken to officials in Australia Brazil Germany Peru and Turkey you
mentioned Spain as well for Canadians that are outside of maybe more populated
areas or places that we’re talking to is it safer for them to stay put they are
scared and they’re asking us I mean should we stay should we avoid those
airports should we avoid places of getting trapped in another country on
route I think we need to everyone needs to take the best decisions for them
obviously if they are not certain they’re going to be getting on a flight
they’re probably better to stay in place but global affairs Canada will give
recommendations like that on various situations people will need to use their
best judgment we’re doing everything we can to help as many people as possible
but as I said airspace closures that different countries are putting in
logistical challenges these are things that were dealing with right now as a
world phenomenon Kelly Canada fast – skipper Portugal on something on
security even the world is Yugi solonius Jones recommend no pasaran rally-ho
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garden or something security Prime Minister in southern Ontario this
week a 51 year old man lost his life he wasn’t tested for the virus until he was
put into ICU he only came back positive after he had died I mean we know that
there’s community spread should we not be testing people beyond just those with
travel histories here the ramping up of testing is increasing at a tremendous
pace tens of thousands more people are being tested every single day we are
getting on we getting more equipment for testing we recognize that broad scale
testing is an essential tool in in continuing to fight the spread of this
disease and as I said every single day we are doing far more tests than the day
before and that will continue to ramp up new organism the deepest as eternity is
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propagation the severus Prime Minister Brian Mulroney Louisville News I wanted
to ask about the emergencies act speed is critical in containing this virus
we’ve seen what happens when countries way too long to restrict people’s
movement polite requests only goes so far
why not declare a federal state of emergency now and get ahead of where
this is going I want to thank the millions upon millions of Canadians who
have self isolated who are engaged in social distancing that is the
fundamental thing that we all can do and need to do to prevent the spread of this
virus we know that in many global crises or situations individuals feel powerful
to make a difference the powerless to fit make a difference in this situation
people can affect their health the health of their neighbors by taking
straightforward steps to self isolate wherever possible and to and to move and
to and to keep social distancing to a maximum we have not removed from the
table any options we’re looking at a bra array of measures that we can move
forward at this time we do not see the federal emergencies act as an essential
tool today but we are continuing to look at the situation will make decisions
based on the best recommendations of science and what do you need to see
before declaring a federal emergency I think the key issue is are there
things that we need to be able to do as a government that we cannot do with the
very strong existing regulations that are in place and that our government has
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near papal up yet in English for my ecology we have worked out and agree
we’re working at an agreement with airline companies
where the government will help to cover extra costs but we expect Canadians
being returned home on these emergency flights to pay a responsible cost
responsible ticket price for for their return pardon me some luggage in a
democracy vive auction sale at was MPLS casa que la serena es que le
gouvernement Canada por eso se va us a presence una señal Geneva example dama
de la fête des surgeon de Mesilla you see saturday’s vaccination RTC on
Japan’s car Aveda Dali moi sermon is an EF near revolver in
memo de France our CEO said Pan Am is common sense approach via common la
pêche a discussion about your karma Appa she in future upon de cabeza
Ashley Burks CBC News prime minister you’ve said it’s inevitable that there
are going to be Canadians stranded abroad what is your message to those
Canadians who are scared they’re in countries where the medical system is
not like it is here in Canada there are towns under lockdown with heavy military
presence they’re afraid that could be stuck there for months
what do you tell them in their families first of all Canada is making consular
assistance available a loan of $5,000 for example to help them in in either
buying tickets home or or being able to hunker down in place it is an extremely
difficult situation but the lockdowns of various countries the limits on air
travel and logistical capacities of our airlines means that we are unlikely to
be able to bring everyone home so we’re going to ask people to stay safe to make
smart choices and do the best they can in a situation that is unprecedented
exceptional and very difficult you’ve received from Canadian commercial
airlines to try to repatriate Canadians as well what Bay load is on the way for
them we I have spoken directly with the heads of Canada’s largest airlines over
the past days and I can tell you that they are all in in terms of supporting
Canadians in terms of getting people home there are of course limits to what
we can all due to rescue everyone but I can
assure you that the airlines have been very positive
thoughtful partners on that and we recognize that Canada’s airline industry
has been strong and successful in years past and will need to be strong and
successful once this pandemic follows its course and and we come out the other
side we will be there to support Airlines and other industries that have
been sorely hit by this particular crisis
thank you will now go to the phone lines for a few questions
moderator thank you please press star 1 if you have a question set it one
application the first question let me occasionally not dip – and then please
go ahead your line is now open those who missed it we do Lessman to
that same end mr. Lu GU comes again ok required the second testiness envision
eternal Sam support voyage Raskin again Pat a recording of west st jean cocteau
Georgie named subsonic part of the initiative as well Annette who are
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resin familiar Rozonda defy me silly example gas dealer the plasma o minimum
rest assessor sustained burn shows poor notice we’re asking people to stay home
as much as possible to avoid non-essential travel and that means not
going to see your neighbors if you don’t have to and that applies to the United
States but it also applies to other provinces we recognize that people have
reasons where their family reasons or work reasons or other important reasons
to travel and they can make those judgments but as much as possible people
should be staying home people should be you know self isolating
with their family members so we can all get through this and so we can be making
sure we’re keeping our healthcare professionals in our healthcare system
safe and able to handle the capacity thank you next question moderator Thank
You Missy the next question is from Greg Quinn from market news please go ahead
your line is now open good morning Bank of Montreal and
Scotiabank have said the deficit this year could come in at around a hundred
billion dollars about twice the previous record have you seen any official
figures from government of those kinds of numbers and do you have any kind of
hesitation politically or economically about that kind of figure we have heard
a wide range of estimates from economists and banks about how bad this
is going to get the only thing they seem to agree on is that it’s going to get
very bad fortunately Canada is an extremely strong fiscal position we have
one of the lowest debt to GDP ratios the lowest debt as a size of the size of our
as a factor the size of our economy of you know most of our Allied countries
and that gives us room to inject money into people’s pockets into the economy
as necessary we will focus on ensuring that Canadians and companies get through
this difficult time so that once we’re through we can pick up where we left off
and continue to have a strong and prosperous economy this is what we’re
focusing on right now how to bridge Canadians and businesses through this
difficult time we have the capacity to do that and we will do what is necessary
thank you last question moderator thank you we have a question from Mia Rapson
from The Canadian Place press please go ahead your line is now open
good morning Prime Minister I’m wondering if you could talk a little bit
about the capacity of the civil service to deliver things like employment
insurance we saw record numbers of people applying for e aí this week and
lots of people saying they couldn’t get through on the phones they don’t know
how to apply how with everybody working at home or so many working from home and
so many applications is the government going to be able to manage that we
recognize that we need to do things that are absolutely unprecedented in terms of
getting money out the door into the pockets of Canadians who need it we have
many different programs and many different tools that are designed to do
that in normal times in these exceptional and certain times we’re
having to take new measures and create new measures to be able to deliver for
Canadians who need it right now our civil servants are working
extraordinarily hard to ensure that’s possible but it’s not just about
delivering existing programs to far more people it’s about actually simplifying
both the process around application and delivery to be able to get money to the
people who need it in this exceptional circumstance I want to thank all public
servants not just at the federal level but at provincial levels as well who are
working incredibly hard many of them from home to ensure that we’re able to
hold on as a country as we get through these difficult times we will continue
to use various measures in order to get money out to people through many of the
things that we have in place already but we’re also looking at new things and the
civil service is an essential part of flowing that merci beaucoup turn on

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